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Early March 2020

The bigger project this winter/spring is the compost project. We built 3 bins, with a polycarbonate roof.

First we had to move the current ready compost pile from the spot where the bins will be located. Making space to build the frame and fitting the roof. The bins are about 1.2m by 1.2m.

The temporary pile went in bin 1. The big almost ready compost pile from usage of August to December 2019 went into bin 2. And the smaller pile from December 2019 and January 2020 was mixed with the current pile into bin 3. In February we also added 2 bags of horse manure from a local horse keeper to the current pile. Before mixing it in the new bin, it got to 50°C. A few days after filling the bin, it already got back to that temperature.

With this new roof space, we also have a new opportunity to collect some rain water.

We had a hole under the fence, bordering the alleyway from the neighbours, which hedgehog were using to access our garden.. In the last few days the concreted it when reworking their alleyway. So I made a new hole in the fence close to the alleyway, but on the roadside. Hopefully hedgehog can find their way back to the garden and maybe some frogs too.

The flowers are doing great. Hyacinth, Pyrenean Fritillary, Wild Marigold and Primrose are out in flower. The Daffodils and Tulips are almost there, starting to show some colour.

In the greenhouse we have been harvesting radish, planted in December. We are also still harvesting parsnips. The carrots are still looking good, being stored in a jute sack in a cold space since January. The spinach is almost ready to be harvested again. I finally did the transplanting of Salvia.

On a not so positive note, we made the mistake of leaving the cucumber (Mini Munch) out during the night in the greenhouse. We the colder temperatures and 1 frost, even though it's been fleeced over, it didn't make it. But lesson learned to bring them inside every evening, like the tomatoes and peppers. We sowed some new ones.

The chickens are starting to lay eggs again. Well the one chicken. First egg since November last year.

There is also a March 2020 overview of the vegetable garden on Youtube from the 1st of March.


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