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End of May 2020

It's been feeling like summer for the last two weeks, but still springtime. May has been one of the sunniest in a very long time, which also means very dry. Before these last two weeks we had a treat of a late frost, but it's only got as low as 2.9°C for a couple of days. One of those days was forecasted to be really close to freezing so we fleeced things outside up just in case, like potatoes, peas and courgettes.

The second half of May hasn't been too busy for new events. The vegetables are growing really quickly. So it's time to start thinking about sowing some second plantings.

We sowed a second batch of peas, lettuce, spinach, leeks, onions and beetroot. A first batch of Dwarf French beans, which have germinated in a seed tray for the first time. Last year we tried it twice and both times nothing. We planted them then direct in the ground. Also a batch of cucamelon, which is a first for us, should be a replacement for radish, which don't really like the summer heat.

The basil went to seed in the seed trays, so we also sowed a new batch of those.

The green house had chili, (sweet) pepper, more cucumber and melon planted out.

We had our first harvest of broccoli, loads of mangetout peas and some cucumbers, courgettes and strawberries.

The main potatoes started popping up in the ground and in the grow bags, which both have been earthed up. As for the early potatoes, we had a little dig and already harvested a few.

As for the flowers, we have planted quite a few new ones out, but none of them really started flowering yet.


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