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Start of May 2020

With most vegetables already in the ground, the end of April and beginning of May hasn't been too busy.

The vegetables are growing quite quickly now. We have been harvesting radish for a few months now, lettuce for a few weeks and first strawberry today. Soon courgette, cucumber and broccoli will be ready for picking. We also get 2-4 eggs a day.

In the mean time we already sowed a few things to go in after some vegetables are harvested. Another batch of spinach for in the greenhouse and another batch of broccoli.

So we planted out the tomatoes, about 5 days later than last year. We also planted out some extra swedes and cabbage.

The first early potatoes in the grow bags have been earthed up a few times now. We also planted the main crop in the ground and a few in grow bags.

The compost pile was getting below 30°C, so we turned it and a few days later it was back cooking at 70°C.

We made a bug hotel from some scrap pieces.

Quite a few flowers have been planted out and some have been flowering. Quite a few are sowed and planted this year, but some are perennial.

There is also an May 2020 overview of the vegetable garden on Youtube from the 1st of May.


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