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Summer time 2020

Hot weather and food abundance.

Mid June we harvested the cauliflower from January, first early potatoes from April. Removed the peas from February and broccoli from January after 3 harvests.

The cauliflower and broccoli got replaced by new broccoli and cauliflower plants, another cabbage plant and a Brussels sprouts plant.

The potatoes made space for a second batch of peas, which didn't do well because of mildew, dwarf French Beans and some cucamelons.

With the old peas removed we had some space for second batch of beetroot and leeks.

We also started harvesting from the pot of carrots from January and some beetroot sown in February. The new batch of basil, after we let the first ones go to flower in the seed tray, was planted out in the greenhouse. This basil was later in the summer harvest for drying. The few lettuce plants gave lots of leaves and went to seed. They got replace by new plants.

We also tried to sow some winter cauliflower in trays in the greenhouse, but the butterflies got to them, we'll see if we can save some of them for planting out after the second batch is harvested.

In July we harvested the first Swede. The others were left until August which resulted in some of them rotting. We started harvesting outdoor carrots and more spinach. The first batch of beetroot was also harvest and frozen.

The two cabbages planted next to the plastic greenhouse got attacked by butterflies, but only after the plant had established, so the inner part is fine. The first one got harvested. There was a big harvest of onions which we put on top of the compost bays for curing.

August was the month for harvesting the main potatoes. In their place came more spinach, a batch of onions (which don't seem to take and most of them have died, but another batch is ready for replacing those) and more swedes. We also have a big harvest of leeks, which got frozen.

The flowers keep flowering and self seeding. About the weather, it's been really warm, so watering has been a regular occurrence. But we haven't had much rain the last few weeks, were other parts of the UK had an abundance.

August 2020 garden overview:


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