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End of February

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

More than 10 hours of daylight. Loads of seedlings.

We had quite a big harvest of overwintering spinach. Mostly from in the greenhouse, but also 2 rows outside. The ones outside had quite a bit of pest damage, I guess it's one of the only things for them to munch on. The spinach in the greenhouse had been sowed direct in August and first harvested in November. This was a second harvest.

Flowers in flowering during winter.

We sowed loads of new vegetable seeds, like more leeks, more onions, beetroot, tomato, chili, peppers, cucumber, pumpkin, melon, courgette, more spinach, cabbage, swede, radish and peas. As before, they left inside to germinate and will go in the greenhouse as soon as they germinate. The tomato, chili and peppers probably won't stay there overnight, but we'll see what the night temperature will be day to day.

Unlike last year, where we didn't started sowing flower seeds until late in the season, we starting sooner with them. Like rudbeckia, snapdragon, aster, sunflower, cosmos, primula, aquilegia, sweet williams, california poppy, pansy and echinacea.


We started the transplant some of the January sowed vegetables into bigger pots, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach. Some spinach was left after transplanting and has been planted out in the greenhouse.

Also some flowers have been pricked out, Bidens, Marigold en Dianthus.

In the utility room the potato are chitting, they are sprouting nicely. Last year we planted the first early at the end of March and the main batch beginning of May.

In the mean time, the rhubarb plants are already in full swing, giving some bigger leaves. In the greenhouse the December sowed radish is almost ready for harvest. In the plastic greenhouse we also sowed some radish.


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