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Mid-April 2020

The first half of April has been bone dry. No rain yet, but from this weekend we'll have some showers.

We planted out more vegetables, one and a half rows of spinach and half a row of Swedes, some lettuce and 2 rows of leeks.

As a test we planted out four courgette plants, as we have double the amount we need. It's about a month earlier than last year.

A row of first early potatoes has been planted in the ground. Plus 5 growbags with 3 potatoes each.

In the greenhouse, we transplanted the tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes and pumpkins to bigger pots.

For the birds we made a bigger feeding table and put it on an old fence post, so hopefully high enough so the cats can't terrorise it.

Another project was a sort of weather box for the outside thermometer, which was hanging on the side of the house in direct sunlight. Also it was on the outside of where a radiator hanging inside. Now it's hidden in the box.

Loads of flowers have reach the stage for transplanting, like pansy, aster, snapdragon, gaillardia, antirrhinum.

We had our first harvest of spinach in the greenhouse from sowing in January.

In the garden more and more flowers are starting to show colour.

There is also an April 2020 overview of the vegetable garden on Youtube from the 1st of April.


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