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Beginning of February 2020

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The days start to lengthen quite quickly, this gives more light for plants and seedlings.

Near the end of January we got the first frost of 2020. For 5 days the nights were around -2° Celsius. It's been quite mild lately with double digits during the daytime. With another high pressure coming to us, we had another frost (just under -2°C) early February.

The first flowers of the year are coming out, Snowdrops. We only moved here just over 2 years ago and every year we find some new flower around the garden. Like these crocuses. The spring bulbs from last year are have been popping up again and growing fast.

The seedlings are doing great in the greenhouse. The weather has been so mild, nights with minimums of 8 degrees Celsius and more, that I have been able to leave the in there for a few nights. True leaves for the carrots, spinach and Salvia. Some of the broccoli and marigold already starting their second true leave. The onions look a bit shaken up, as I almost dropped the tray when carrying them to the greenhouse. They also are more spindly than the leeks. We pinched the Sweet peas after the third sets of leaves to encourage bush like growth.

The apple tree got a layer of compost around the base of it. While the blueberry received a layer of ericaceous compost. Not knowing, last year, we first planted it in normal soil next to the gooseberry, redcurrant, black- and raspberry plants. But soon after it got moved to a pot with acidic compost. The flower patch also received the no-dig method of spreading compost as a top layer mulch.

We are also in the process of designing some proper compost bays that will be covered with some roof. Containing 3 bays of about 1.2m by 1.2m and should be able to hold enough composting materials for a year. Hopefully. So we don't have to make make-shift compost piles all over the place.

There is also a February 2020 overview of the vegetable garden on Youtube from the 1st of February.


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